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It is our tribute to Ibiza, memories are not born by chance, they are born from uniting the most captivating experiences with the reminiscence of what has been experienced….that aroma that reminds you of the freshness and intensity of the Mediterranean Sea, of the fig tree where you gave yourself the first kiss or that heat of the sun on the skin full of salt, the subtlety of the pitiuso almond flower…. Because memories are built through smells.

Its simplicity and design allow warm light to be projected through the glass, illuminating the space and flooding it with its aroma.

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HIPPIE Limited Edition

Our limited edition Hippie sail is a tribute to this social and cultural movement to which we owe much of the fame of the island. Immerse yourself in its intense aroma of Patchouli and transport yourself to Ibiza full of color, music and freedom of the time.

The Hippie container is a jewel of fine glass and fractals that reflect the light of the flame and its surroundings, capturing and reflecting the maximum light in tiny sparkles.


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This collection is created with the 6 most native fragrances of the island, through a previous selection of the original and ancestral plants with the greatest properties and benefits for our body.

The containers of this collection are made of hand-blown glass, tinted pure white, referring to the colors of the white island. Manufactured one by one, the cradle of glass crafts, our containers are designed to dress the aromas of your memories, the aromas of Ibiza.

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The Origins collection transports you back in time when in the year 654 the Carthaginians founded the city of Ibosim today called Ibiza

The Carthaginians were the first to market perfumes almost 4,000 years ago, becoming the first distributors of perfumes in the Mediterranean basin and they were the providers of essences for the inhabitants of their colonies.

The woody, intense, warm and exotic fragrances remind us of the heritage of the founders of the island.

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