Ibiza is, and will always be, my home. 


My History

I am a painter by nature and conviction. In tandem with the production of my artwork, I am also part of the Interior Design world. I have been creating unique spaces and ornamental pieces of artwork for commercial and personal use for more than 25 years. 

 As an accomplished painter and sculptor, I do the majority of my work with my own hands. I personalize every detail with a singular and inimitable touch. 

These details can be appreciated in the feel and look of textures, shapes and surfaces. I see every corner and every item as an opportunity to create a visual impact of beauty and excellence.

I was born in Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood which is famous for its colorful houses, and for being the home of renowned painters, La Boca. 

As a little kid, I used to visit the workshops of those artists with my dad who was also a painter. Their work was an inspiration to start my journey in the Art World. 

I graduated in Graphic Design, Advertising and Interior Design, and I also qualified in Fine Arts at the National Fine Arts College in Buenos Aires. After completing my studies, I moved to Sao Pablo, to venture into this huge City. I worked as a set designer for shows and putting up art exhibitions with my distinctive colorful art style at the time. I was 24 years old then.

Driven by a strong desire to travel and see the world, my next destination was Ibiza. This beautiful island welcomed me with open arms. Soon after arriving, I was hired at the famously known Pachá nightclub, initially as an interior designer and years later as their Art Director. I cherish those years as they were a huge part of my professional development and learning experience.

In 2005 with a curious mind and restless hands, I moved to Barcelona to take on a new challenge. 
I started my career as a freelance interior designer in the hospitality sector while continuing the production of my paintings, which were increasingly gaining international recognition.

Ibiza is, and will always be, my home. Since I left for Barcelona until today, I have been collaborating on various art projects and delivering special orders to Ibiza. In 2013 and for many years on, I was in charge of the decoration and art design of the famously known event: Flower Power. A party that embraces creativity and originality. The psychedelic art and its explosion of colors are aspects that represent me and go in line with my art style. 

I did various exhibitions of my artwork at Hotel Pacha, Diario de Ibiza and Galería de Arte B 12. I have also been the set designer for RebelsLand among others. 

While my art studio is based in Madrid, I have the privilege to take part in ongoing projects and exhibitions in other parts of Spain and around the world. I could not be anything else but an Artist.